Mike Tiscareno
Mike Tiscareno
Illustrator & Concept Artist

About Me

Hey there I'm Mike Tiscareno, I'm a professional Illustrator/Concept Artist living and working in Southern California.

I love to doodle, if I'm not filling up a sketchbook with nonsensical doodles, then I'm working, and my work consists of me drawing and painting things within the entertainment industry.

I'm very well versed in 2d illustration, concept art, as well as graphic design. I can work in a very wide variety of styles from cartoons to photo-realism.

Always striving to learn and improve on a regular basis, I'm constantly pushing myself for my best work.

Art is my passion, and my passion is my life.


A few of my clients:

The Cajun Station LLC & Boiled Bugs 2 Geaux LLC
Marvel Entertainment
Upper Deck Cards
Texas Beer Refinery
Kings of Commerce
Action Mobile Games
Headfirst Bodysurfing
Evolve Imaging
Heel Struck Shoes
Switchback E-Cig
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